About US

Company History

European top-notch brand bianco di puro is a company specializing in high-grade kitchen appliance. bianco represents of pure white color which means are Pure, Coherent, Simple and Perfect. They also stand for high quality and multi-function devices of the products which are also the target of several major elements of our core product development. From 2010 to now, the different kinds of bianco di puro Nutrition Blender has introduced in the Germany market and there is very impressive achievement. 
Greens are rich in vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and biochemical factors. These nutrients are surrounded in the toughness of the cell wall, and the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables, but also has extensive biochemical and dietary fiber, but not easy digestion. With Bianco di puro Nutrition Blender can blend fruits and vegetables thoroughly as cotton state, the plant cell wall is smashed, so that the majority of biochemical and other nutrients extracts, let’s body more easily digest and absorb all the nutrients. If people often drink rich in biochemical of fruits and vegetables juice, not only enhance antioxidant of the body effect and can also increase the immune and healing ability. It is anti-cancer experts.

For the product appearance design, the bright colors are not just for only eye-catching, they indicate “Blender Power”.  bianco di puro Nutrition Blender is come from its extremely high horsepower motor and Japanese high-carbon stainless steel blending blades with High RPM. Its built-in intelligent pre-programs are simple and convenience to fully cater for the different needs.

We have joined many Exhibitions and Roadshows in different regions of Germany such as Vegan Summer Festival Cologne, Kitchen Loesch Nuremberg, Rehvolution Speyer and Vegetarian Festival Solingen and so on. We also strive to promote Raw Food and Green Smoothie concept to the Europe and Other Asian Countries. With the bianco di puro Nutrition Blender, it is very simple to make a delicious healthy food. Let’s our valuable customers can enjoy gourmet and achieve the health benefit.

Mission of bianco di puro

As the Company developing, we also joined exhibitions in Asia as well as other countries to develop the potential business partners. To better understand the market demand and expand our product coverage, we will enable users continue to obtain more benefits.